Avionic Systems

Sage Technologies has successfully designed, integrated and tested avionics to Mil-Spec and RTCA standards including MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 DO-160 and DO-178.

Our designs are flying on the following aircraft:
VH-3D, VH-60N, VH-92A, H-60, H-65, and C-130

ARC-244A Digital FM Radio (DFM) (Developed for Presidential Helicopter Program)

Repackaged Motorola Astro XTS-5000 Digital Portable Radio with High Power Amplifier providing microprocessor controlled variable frequency tuning with secure (AES-256 encrypted) digital voice or clear voice (digital or analog). Controlled via Remote Terminal on 1553 bus.

ARC-245 and RT-2089 Iridium Systems (Developed for USCG)

Integration of Iridium Modems for Aircraft ICS systems or Standalone Headset/Microphone. Provides AES-256 Secure Blue Force Tracking and World-Wide Phone System. Flight Log Storage and Retrieval.

  • ARC-245 Airborne Data and Communication System (ADCS)
    • Control via Front Panel
  • RT-2089 Asset Tracking and Communication System (ATACS)
    • Ruggedized box, NVIS compliant, Sun-light readable LCD
    • Control via Front Panel or 1553 Bus Remote Terminal
Platform Unique Boxes (Developed for Presidential Helicopter Program)
  • Common Fill Panel (CFP)
    • DS-101, DS-102 and ARC-244A DFM Key Fill capability
  • SATCOM Integrated Mount (SIM)
    • Full-Duplex Send/Receive Capability with 2 ARC-210 Radios
  • Airborne Wi-Fi System
    • Integrated third party equipment consisting of a Wi-Fi router and a small server adding Ethernet capability
  • Communication Interface Unit (CIU)
    • Control/Status for aircraft equipment via Remote Terminal on 1553 bus
    • Control/Status interface to select Aircraft Equipment
  • Radio Control Unit (RCU)
    • Ruggedized box, NVIS compliant, Sun-light readable LCD
  • Navigation Interface Unit (NIU)
    • Control/Status interface to select Aircraft Navigation Equipment
VH-3D/VH-60 Air to Air over water Color Horizontal